2004 - 2002

Stele with flower, hard stone with bronze

Hare - Book Girl and Hare

untitled , oil on panel, 203 x 300 cm

bronze hare

jewish girl

my girl, oil on panel and litho

Untitled, oil on panel

Untitled, oil on panel

The singing sisters from Limburg, Silver

Untitled, olieverf op paneel 66 x 178

Untitled, Lithografie 60 x 40

Untitled, Lithografie / printed by the artist 65 x 50

Leaps to her close recess, olieverf op paneel 185 x 205

From his earthen mould, olieverf op paneel 43 x 72

Untitled, bronze

De Val, part of a triptych

Sleeping, Litho and watercolour on paper, Virgin de nativité, 50 x 65 cm

Girl with bird on head, ING Collection, edition 1 in Switzerland

Untitled, oil on panel, Drents museum

Untitled, Bronze

Untitled, Bronze, photo Arjen Schmitz

Untitled, Bronze, photo Arjen Schmitz

Untitled, Bronze

The promise, olieverf op paneel

Don't look back, olieverf op paneel 193 x 222

Untitled, olieverf op paneel 97 x 56,5

Untitled, olieverf op paneel 155 x 123

Twee hazen / Deux llièvres, olieverf op paneel 90 x 84

Small Dogon girl, olieverf op linnen 24 x 19

untitled, Oil paint on panel

coumba, oil on canvas

River goddess, Oil paint on panel